Choosing a Namespace-as-a-Service strategy will incur cost and development time upfront; cluster-as-a-service defers operational complexity and cost until cluster count grows. However, as cluster counts grow in large organizations, perhaps Namespace-as-a-Service is an evolution of Cluster-as-a-Service.

Kubernetes Cluster-As-A-Service (k8sCaaS)

Each user or team is provided with a cluster that they manage and control. They don’t undertake the installation and build process, which is automated, and depending on the level of development of the k8sCaaS service, additional standardized components and other necessary capabilities such as cluster access and storage are also provisioned. Once provisioned, the day-to-day operation of the cluster is undertaken by the user. The users have the equivalent of superuser access and the most or all of the responsibility for operational security. In some cases, there is oversight from a k8sCaaS team; in other cases, none.

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