In general, AWS Lambda functions are triggered by some sort of event. Most common use cases are an event from EventBridge, SQS, or an event created by a call to API Gateway in case you have a REST/HTTP API based on an AWS Lambda function. However, the other day I was looking for an option to execute my Lambda function immediately after it was created and/or updated while deploying my Infrastructure as Code with AWS CDK. I wanted it to work without manually executing a CLI command or calling an HTTP endpoint. It needed to be based on the CDK / CloudFormation deployment. A couple of use cases we had was triggering an import process or running a liquibase/ flyway script to populate a database.

Looking for Options

While researching options, I initially looked for a method on the Function CDK Construct. I wondered if had specific lifecycle methods, but that did not seem the case. Secondly, I started looking at an EventBridge rule that could listen to AWS CloudFormation events, but it seems there are almost no events coming out of CloudFormation into EventBridge.

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