Application developers, as their name implies, like to develop applications––they ultimately care very little about frontend vs. backend and just want to deliver value to users. Being an application developer myself, and very much like other application developers, one of the things that constantly drive my decision-making when selecting tools and frameworks is the fact that I’m also quite lazy.

My main objective is to be able to ship applications with as little effort as possible, and my pet peeve is silly repetitive, mechanical tasks that make me die a little inside every time I need to perform them. For example, I don’t like to remember to align things that don’t automatically align themselves, as one common example of a repetitive task that is completely superfluous. I guess my trademark is that when I encounter challenges, I will always look for ways to automate a solution. (Like the app I once built in the 90s to send a romantic text message to my girlfriend once a day––to overcome my romantic shortcomings).

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