AWS re:Invent is an annual conference hosted by Amazon Web Services. AWS re:Invent 2023 stood out as a beacon of innovation, education, and vision in cloud computing. Held in Las Vegas, Nevada, spread over five days, the conference was one of the largest gatherings in the cloud sector, attracting an estimated 65,000+ attendees from around the globe. Having had the privilege to attend this year (2023), I am excited to share the key takeaways from the conference and interactions with some of the brightest minds in cloud computing. I aim to inspire and shed light on the expansive possibilities cloud technology offers.

AWS Aurora Limitless Database

In today’s world, enterprise applications typically rely on backend databases to host all the data necessary for the application. As you add new capabilities to your application or there is a growth in the customer base on your application, the volume of data hosted by the database surges rapidly, and the number of transactions that require database interaction increases significantly.

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