Scalable data ingestion is a key aspect of a large-scale distributed search and analytics engine like OpenSearch. One of the ways to build a real-time data ingestion pipeline is to use Apache Kafka. It’s an open-source event streaming platform used to handle high data volume (and velocity) and integrates with a variety of sources including relational and NoSQL databases. For example, one of the canonical use cases is the real-time synchronization of data between heterogeneous systems (source components) to ensure that OpenSearch indexes are fresh and can be used for analytics or consumed downstream applications via dashboards and visualizations.

This blog post will cover how to create a data pipeline wherein data written into Apache Kafka is ingested into OpenSearch. We will be using Amazon OpenSearch Serverless and Amazon Managed Streaming for Apache Kafka (Amazon MSK) Serverless. Kafka Connect is a great fit for such requirements. It provides sink connectors for OpenSearch as well as ElasticSearch (which can be used if you opt for the ElasticSearch OSS engine with Amazon OpenSearch). Sometimes though, there are specific requirements or reasons which may warrant the use of a custom solution.

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