After extensive development, the AI-native database Infinity was officially open-sourced on December 21, 2023. Infinity is specifically designed to cater to large models and is primarily used for Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG). In the future, the infrastructure layer of enterprise AI applications will only require an AI-native database combined with a large model (LLM currently, multi-modal models in the future) to fully address the core needs of enterprise AI applications, including Copilot, search, recommendations, and conversational AI. All types of enterprise data — documents, regular databases (OLTP and OLAP), APIs, logs, and unstructured data — can be integrated into a single AI-native database. The database feeds the business queries’ data to the large model, which generates the final results for specific applications.

Vector Databases Alone Are Insufficient for Enterprise AI Applications

You might be wondering: What is an AI-native database? Is it just an old vector database with a new brand? Absolutely not! An AI-native database goes beyond a vector database. While vector databases are “necessary but not sufficient” infra for large language models. Why? Well, vectors are limited to semantic retrieval, and they are not suitable for the precise query required by enterprise AI applications.

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