Integration flows often interact with multiple external services such as databases, MQ queue managers, CICS regions, etc., and testing the flows has historically required all of the services to be available when running tests. This provides a high degree of confidence that the flows behave correctly for the tested scenarios, but the number of scenarios that can be tested this way is often too small to provide sufficient confidence that the overall solution will behave correctly in all (or even most) circumstances.

Unit testing with mocked services is a common solution to this problem in the application development world, but integration solutions may require an in-between style of testing due to the large number of service interactions and the common re-use patterns seen in the integration world. App Connect Enterprise development started calling these “component tests” some time ago: Unit tests that test slightly larger sections of code and (unlike pure unit tests) are allowed to communicate with external services. This article will attempt to illustrate this approach using a database as an example service.

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