What’s been happening this month in Integration? I spy APIs! Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) are literally everywhere. Let’s look at some articles that have been popular this month in regards to APIs, and let’s also look at the latest integration and API news. Not only that, but check out some free (what’s better than free?) DZone resources. Let’s get to it!

Trending API Articles on DZone

Can REST APIs Alleviate Headaches From Your Backend Systems? By Patrick Cambell. Read this article in order to learn more about how REST APIs can alleviate headaches from backend systems.
Create a Simple API Using Django REST Framework in Python by Vinay R. Read this article in order to learn more about how to create a simple API using Django REST framework in Python.
RESTful Web Services and Bootstrapping With Jersey Implementation by Rajanikanta Pradhana. Read this tutorial in order to learn how to configure the Jersey servlet and bootstrap a project. Also, learn about RESTful web services.
Using Postman REST Client Cleverly — Some Quick Tips by Sanjay Patel. Read this article in order to learn more about using Postman REST client and how to use environments as well as collections.
API Gateway as a Node and Moving Beyond Backend and Front-end by Kin Lane. Read on to see if the role of the API gateway is evolving, and take a look at one viewpoint that sees a changing role for it.

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