Most folks managing or working within a DevOps organization are already familiar with the book “Accelerate” and DevOps Research and Assessment, commonly abbreviated as DORA, metrics. For those who are not familiar or just need a quick refresher, DORA metrics categorize the performance of a DevOps organization based on four key leading indicators:

Deployment Frequency: The cadence of an organization’s successful releases to production. The more often, the better.
Mean Lead Time for Changes: How long it takes a developer’s commit to get into production. The more, the better.
Mean Time to Recover: How long it takes a team to restore service in the event of an unplanned outage or another incident. The shorter the time interval, the better.
Change Failure Rate: How often making changes lead to failures in production. The smaller the percentage, the better.

DORA metrics help you quickly gauge the overall health of your team and output. There are a lot of metrics that influence these indicators, they are a handy way to think about DevOps performance from a high level. This methodology groups organizations into one of three tiers for overall performance: Low, Medium, or High.

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