JuiceFS achieved a 40x performance boost in metadata backup and recovery through optimizations from v0.15.2 to v1.0 RC2. Key optimizations focused on reducing data processing granularity, minimizing I/O operations, and analyzing time bottlenecks. The overall improvements resulted in a 2300% reduction in dump process runtime and a 4200% decrease in memory usage, while the load process achieved a 230% runtime reduction and a 330% decrease in memory usage.

As an open-source cloud-native distributed file system, JuiceFS supports various metadata storage engines, each with its unique data management format. To facilitate management, JuiceFS introduced the dump command in version 0.15.2, allowing the uniform formatting of all metadata into a JSON file for backup. Additionally, the load command enables the restoration or migration of backups to any metadata storage engine. For details on these commands, see Command Reference. The basic usage is as follows:

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