Hi there, readers of DZone! In this article, I would like to continue my series of articles about large project development with Yii2 (article 1 and article 2). But this time I want to focus on the concrete usage of AngularJS, which is bundled with our application developed on the Yii2 framework. Specifically, I will describe how it’s possible to connect the AngularJS framework and its application methods. So, let’s get the ball rolling!

As a starting point, here are several notes. I am going to use Yii2 to develop the greater part of our app, while AngularJS will be used strictly for app parts such as modal windows to add offers, search bar, car builder (a specific app’s feature that allows users to build cars they’d like to lease). AngularJS won’t cause any changes to the app’s development route but will help improve its usability and performance.

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