In this post, you will learn how you can integrate Large Language Model (LLM) capabilities into your Java application. More specifically, how you can integrate with LocalAI from your Java application. Enjoy!


In a previous post, it was shown how you could run a Large Language Model (LLM) similar to OpenAI by means of LocalAI. The Rest API of OpenAI was used in order to interact with LocalAI. Integrating these capabilities within your Java application can be cumbersome. However, since the introduction of LangChain4j, this has become much easier to do. LangChain4j offers you a simplification in order to integrate with LLMs. It is based on the Python library LangChain. It is therefore also advised to read the documentation and concepts of LangChain since the documentation of LangChain4j is rather short. Many examples are provided though in the LangChain4j examples repository. Especially, the examples in the other-examples directory have been used as inspiration for this blog.

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