As companies rely increasingly on multiple applications residing in different regions and networks, security has become a critical concern. The process of accessing these applications can be complex and challenging, particularly when they are running in different data centers and need to be accessed simultaneously or at intervals. Users have to follow multiple steps to access them, such as setting up tunnels, switching contexts, and controlling identity authorization. However, there can be issues such as frequently broken connections and a lack of session monitoring in some cases.

To address these challenges, there are solutions such as VPN tunneling, reverse proxies, and Bastion hosts that can be utilized. However, accessing applications across different networks and data centers can be complex and challenging, requiring users to navigate multiple steps like setting up tunnels and controlling authorization. Unfortunately, such processes are often plagued with issues such as frequent disconnections and inadequate session monitoring. To provide better security and ease of use, newer tools such as HashiCorp Boundary, Teleport, and Strong DM have emerged. These tools offer unique advantages that overcome the limitations of previous solutions, such as providing granular access control without exposing private networks, offering centralized session monitoring, and simplifying the setup process.

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