In Microsoft SQL Server, you can use T-SQL and SQL Server Agent to generate an alert when CPU usage exceeds a threshold, such as 80%. Here’s an example of how you can achieve this:

Create a SQL Server Agent alert: Open SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) and connect to your SQL Server instance. Navigate to the SQL Server Agent node in the Object Explorer, right-click on the “Alerts” folder, and select “New Alert.”
Configure the alert properties: In the “New Alert” dialog, configure the following properties:

Name: Provide a name for the alert.
Type: Select the type of alert as “SQL Server performance condition alert.”
Object: Choose the “Resource Pool Stats.”
Counter: Choose the “CPU Usage target %” counter.
 Instance: Select “default” to monitor the overall CPU usage of the entire system.
Alert if counter: Choose “Rises above” to trigger the alert when CPU usage exceeds the threshold.
Value: Enter “0.8” to set the threshold for CPU usage to 80%.
 Enable this alert: Check this option to enable the alert.
Response: Choose the appropriate response action, such as “Notify operators” or “Execute job” to determine what action should be taken when the alert is triggered.
Additional actions: As needed, you can configure additional actions, such as sending an email or running a script.

Click on “OK” to create the alert.

Once the alert is created, SQL Server Agent will automatically monitor the CPU usage based on the specified threshold. When the CPU usage exceeds 80%, the alert will be triggered, and the configured response action will be executed, such as sending notifications or running a script.

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