Wordle took the internet by storm after its release in late 2021. For many, it’s still a morning ritual that pairs seamlessly with a cup of coffee and the start of a work day. As a DevOps engineer, is there a single better way to warm up your mind other than puzzling out a Docker Compose file and then indulging in the world’s favorite word game? Well, the jury’s still out on that one, but this tutorial can let you see for yourself.

Why Write a Docker Compose File?

Even in an application with a single Dockerfile, a Docker Compose file can be a useful asset. Working from a Dockerfile often requires lengthy build and run commands, which can be migrated into a Compose file. This way, you aren’t copying and pasting complex commands on every new build. Instead, your entire application builds and runs with just docker compose up. This is even more valuable when using an application with multiple Dockerfiles: you no longer need to individually build and run each Dockerfile.

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