So, why should they hire you?

Over the past decade, DevOps has emerged as a new tech culture and career that marries the rapid iteration desired by software development with the rock-solid stability of the infrastructure operations team. For system administrators, operations engineers, and others with strong systems and software backgrounds, there’s perhaps no better time than the present to transition into DevOps. As of August 2019, there are currently over 50,000 LinkedIn DevOps job listings in the United States alone. For a good overview of what DevOps entails and how to transition, check out this blog post.

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Let’s say you’ve learned the fundamentals and are ready to start your job hunt. How do you ace your DevOps interview? DevOps Engineers must be both good software developers and infrastructure experts and, as such, they are expected to know Linux infrastructure, networking, algorithms, and DevOps tools such as Terraform, Docker, and Kubernetes. Interviews can range from standard software engineer coding questions to questions on system design, Linux debugging, and DevOps tools.

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