Terraform has become the nearly ubiquitous way to provision services in a cloud native era. However, when we start to build our infrastructure using Terraform’s as-code approach, there are a few things we need to consider in order to be able to manage these operations at scale, for a diversity of decentralized services, and for distributed teams. At Firefly, we often encounter the challenges of managing IaC at scale as part of our effort to help organizations discover and manage their many cloud assets.

Terraform Management at Scale

With the mass adoption of Terraform, it has become the de facto tool for developers to build and manage their cloud infrastructure at scale. Most companies today, who rely heavily on Terraform for their infrastructure management, choose to do so with an orchestration tool. These tools complement the suite of tools Hashicorp provides to help get a handle on the many modules and providers, frameworks, and services being provisioned with the sheer scale of cloud operations — as well as a remote backend to maintain the state for your infrastructure.

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