Contemporary document collaboration tools help make it possible to push projects from start to finish on tighter deadlines than ever before. Where pre-digital project collaboration relied on manual markups and annotations to modify/improve critical reports and memos before their distribution, contemporary teams across a variety of industries can accomplish the same essential goals – and much, much more – using the simple revision tools accessible to all users in DOCX files. Suggestions, changes, and callouts can be added by any team member to a DOCX document in a SharePoint site drive, drastically minimizing the time it takes to publish and share final products with stakeholders.

Underneath the hood, it’s Microsoft’s OpenXML document format that makes this team-oriented file manipulation possible. Because DOCX format is structured as a zip file composed of multiple XML-based files, comments and other revisions are physically separated from the document’s core content, and data that define the relationships between these separate files are stored in a folder of its own.  

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