Customer satisfaction is everything for each business since it directly influences the profit of organizations. The feedback affects each industry differently, depending on various criteria. For the transportation services, the reasons for users to keep utilizing the application might involve both standard requirements, like the user-friendly interface or full-fledged functionality, and something more specific, such as the clear dashboard with statistical data about deliveries, the possibility to track parcels in real-time, or accurate estimated time of arrival. In the current world, people get used to monitoring by themselves all the services they order. Perhaps, it is because nothing is hidden with ‘online’ reality anymore. And all the businesses which provide any service, either for other businesses or customers, should deliver maximum information about the product and order status. This can be easily achieved with different types of tools and technologies. Because in this article, we focus on the estimated time of arrival within transportation services and how to enhance ETA, we will define the significant aspects for you. So, as a result, your logistics company will be able to satisfy users and attract more profit to your logistics software.

Indeed, in the modern world, correspondence with innovational technologies is also one of the main criteria for users. And logistics market is booming with such novelties. Calculating ETA accurately is one of them. Furthermore, according to the Bizrate survey, when consumers receive items on time, 43% have favorable reviews regarding delivery services. Meanwhile, 65% consider projected delivery time a critical factor in selecting a logistics company. Hence, when users ask for it and relate such functionality with upstanding organizations, you need to give them that. So, we will elaborate on such questions: what ETA consists of, how to calculate it, how to enhance it, and which factors need to be optimized for better ETA functionality. Well, let’s start from the beginning.

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