In a Cloud Pak for Integration (CP4I) environment, the IBM App Connect operator does a good job monitoring the Integration Server pods and will restart any pods where the Integration Server fails. Either in the rare event that it has crashed or because it is no longer responsive to liveness checks. It is worth noting that by far the most common reason for an Integration Server pod to fail in one of these ways is because it has insufficient resources to process its workload however there are some cases where the user may wish to initiate a restart in response to some other external criteria.

In this example, we will consider the case where user supplied Java code in a Java Compute Node has caused an OutOfMemory error. In this instance, the error would not ordinarily be fatal to the Integration Server; however, a user may wish to restart the Integration Server on receiving an error of this type. The same approach can be generalized to any error condition which can be detected in a file on the IS container internal file system. We also assume that the target environment is a Cloud Pak for Integration instance; however, the same approach can be applied to any IBM App Connect Enterprise Operator installation including on plain Kubernetes. Indeed, some of the elements we discuss in this article can be further generalized to traditional on-premise environments.

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