Did you know you can containerize your Spring Boot applications to start up in milliseconds, without compromising on throughput, memory, development-production parity, or Java language features? And with little or no refactoring of the application code? Here’s how with Open Liberty

Liberty Instanton

The InstantOn capability in the Open Liberty runtime uses the IBM Semeru JDK and a Linux technology called Checkpoint/Restore in Userspace (CRIU) to take a checkpoint, or a point-in-time snapshot, of the application process. This checkpoint can then be restored very quickly to bring the application process back into the state it was in when the checkpoint was taken. The application can be restored multiple times because Open Liberty and the Semeru JDK preserve the uniqueness of each restored process in containers. Each restored application process runs without first having to go through the whole startup sequence, saving up to 90% of startup time (depending on your application). InstantOn requires very little modification of your Java application to make this improvement happen.

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