Kubernetes goes worldwide with kubeCDN.

In this blog post, Ilhaan discusses the design and implementation of kubeCDN, a tool designed to simplify geo-replication of Kubernetes clusters in order to deploy services with high availability on a global scale.

More Users, More Problems

The internet has transformed how people exchange ideas and share results across the globe. Nevertheless, this medium of innovation is nowhere near perfect. Since the internet has become the first stop for most information, any hindrance in getting what we want quickly can be excruciatingly frustrating. We all know that frustration of waiting those few extra seconds (or even worse, minutes!) for a shared document or video stream to reach you. Given that we have become extremely dependent on internet-based systems for all facets of life, we end up having to stare at “buffering” animations for a larger portion of our days than we would like. This UX degradation causes users to become frustrated with services and, in the presence of competing options, pushes them to pursue other alternatives. No business wants to lose customers this way, but reducing this type of customer loss comes with several engineering challenges.

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