Effective communication and efficient meeting management are key to a team’s success in the modern workplace. Recognizing this, we will develop an AI-powered meeting assistant app to transform Google Meet recordings into automatically generated meeting notes with key takeaways and action items. The blog post is tailored for every creator from developers to no-coders who are interested in the intersection of AI and productivity tools. It’s particularly useful for those with limited AI development experience and who want to build AI applications by using simple low-code tools like Unbody and Appsmith.

Introducing the AI-Powered Meetings Assistant App

Think about the app that connects your Google Drive where all your Google Meet video recordings are saved and automatically captures meeting audio transcriptions and generates meeting notes with key points and action items in real-time. You can fully engage in the conversation during the meeting without taking notes alone. If you are running late or can’t make the meeting, the app will still take notes. The app can make virtual meetings more productive including team leaders, project managers, developers, and anyone who regularly uses Google Meet can benefit from using it.

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