Since late 2022, generative AI has quickly demonstrated its value and potential to help businesses of all sizes innovate faster. By generating new media from prompts, generative AI stands to become a powerful productivity aid, multiplying the effect of creative and intellectual work of all kinds. According to Gartner, 55 percent of organizations have plans to use generative AI and 78 percent of executives believe the benefits of AI adoption outweigh the risks.

The world will be transformed by AI-assisted medicine, education, scientific research, law, and more. Researchers at the University of Toronto use generative AI to model proteins that don’t exist in nature. Similarly, pharmaceutical giant Bayer now uses generative AI to accelerate the process of drug discovery. Education provider Khan Academy has developed an AI chatbot/tutor, Khanmigo, to personalize learning. The list of examples across all industries only continues to grow.

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