Here’s how Bitbucke fits into this developer’s flow.

I’m an independent software developer, and I use Bitbucket for all my client projects. It works reliably and has a sense of “business software” I like. I mostly use the Git command line, but there are a few places I have come to rely on the visual interface of Bitbucket. In this post, which is geared towards beginners, I’ll share my regular routine with Bitbucket and some thoughts on why I don’t use GitHub.

Keeping Up With the Team

On any software project involving more than one committer, you need to be able to keep up with changes made by other team members. This is especially true if multiple people are working on the same branch. Yes, ideally everybody works in their own branch, but for greenfield projects that isn’t the right way to go. I prefer to use feature branches for systems that are in production. For new work, which is often the case for client-based projects, having everybody work in master forces you to deal with merge conflicts as they happen. This is really only okay for new projects when there is only a handful of team members.

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