Fluent Bit is a popular open-source log processor and forwarder that allows you to collect data from different sources, filter, and transform it before forwarding it to different destinations. In some cases, the data collected may contain sensitive information like passwords, credit card numbers, social security numbers, and other personally identifiable information (PII). To protect such information, you need to mask or obfuscate it before forwarding it to the destination. In this document, we will discuss how to mask sensitive information using Fluent Bit.

The goal of this guide is to convert structured logs that contain PII information like (mobile numbers, identity information, names, etc.)
{“timestamp”:”2023-06-05T17:04:33.505+05:30″,”requestURI”:”/api/user”,”message”:”Sending SMS to mobileNumber=1234512345 registered on aadhaarNumber=1234512345″}
to a format where this information is masked.
{“@timestamp”:”2023-06-05T17:04:33.505+05:30″,”requestURI”:”/api/user”,”message”:”Sending SMS to mobileNumber=******** registered on aadhaarNumber=********”}

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