GraalVM, as the name suggests, represents the Holy Grail of modern cloud-native development by boosting the performance of Java applications and, at the same time, making highly efficient and seamless polyglot programming a reality. But what exactly lies behind these claims? In this article, we will look into the platform’s evolution and prospects to understand why you will benefit from integrating the technology in production. We will also summarize the key aspects of GraalVM licensing, including the new license introduced by Oracle in 2023.

Benefits of GraalVM for Java Development

GraalVM is a platform based on Java HotSpot VM implemented in Java. It includes the Java Development Kit (JDK), the advanced just-in-time compiler, the ahead-of-time compiler, and tools for adding programming languages to the project. Its goal is accelerating JVM-based applications and providing a foundation for multilingual programming. The benefits of the technology for Java developers can be summarized as follows:

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