Most developers would be more familiar with DevOps and less familiar with GitOps despite using Git, the source of truth of GitOps, for managing repositories of the software development life cycle (SDLC). Hence, there is a need to study GitOps vs. DevOps to ascertain which is suitable for your software development, delivery, and deployment. While both are designed to improve software processes, the two concepts, GitOps and DevOps, are distinct in their approaches, guiding principles, and toolsets. Whether you are choosing GitOps or DevOps for your software processes, GitOps and DevOps are designed for various purposes and are best at their designated use cases.

This article will guide you beyond the fundamental differences and similarities between GitOps vs. DevOps to provide a thorough understanding of how DevOps and GitOps methodology operate and what makes them uniquely valuable in modern software engineering. You would also learn how platform engineering portals like Atmosly make DevOps and GitOps better. 

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