I have talked about human filters and my plan for digital curation. These items are the fruits of those ideas, the items I deemed worthy from my Google Reader feeds. These items are a combination of tech business news, development news and programming tools and techniques.

Real-Time Ad Impression Bids Using DynamoDB (Amazon Web Services Blog)
The mother of all M&A rumors: AT&T, Verizon to jointly buy Vodafone (GigaOM)
Is this the future of memory? A Hybrid Memory Cube spec makes its debut. (GigaOM)
Dew Drop – April 2, 2013 (#1,518) (Alvin Ashcraft’s Morning Dew)
Rosetta Stone acquires Livemocha for $8.5m to move its language learning platform into the cloud (The Next Web)
Double Shot #1098 (A Fresh Cup)
Extending git (Atlassian Blogs)
A Thorough Introduction To Backbone.Marionette (Part 2) (Smashing Magazine Feed)
60 Problem Solving Strategies (Javalobby – The heart of the Java developer community)
Why asm.js is a big deal for game developers (HTML5 Zone)
Implementing DAL in Play 2.x (Scala), Slick, ScalaTest (Javalobby – The heart of the Java developer community)
“It’s Open Source, So the Source is, You Know, Open.” (Javalobby – The heart of the Java developer community)
How to Design a Good, Regular API (Javalobby – The heart of the Java developer community)
Scalding: Finding K Nearest Neighbors for Fun and Profit (Javalobby – The heart of the Java developer community)
The Daily Six Pack: April 2, 2013 (Dirk Strauss)
Usually When Developers Are Mean, It Is About Power (Agile Zone – Software Methodologies for Development Managers)
Do Predictive Modelers Need to Know Math? (Data Mining and Predictive Analytics)
Heroku Forces Customer Upgrade To Fix Critical PostgreSQL Security Hole (TechCrunch)
DYNAMO (Lambda the Ultimate – Programming Languages Weblog)
FitNesse your ScalaTest with custom Scala DSL (Java Code Geeks)
LinkBench: A database benchmark for the social graph (Facebook Engineering’s Facebook Notes)
Khan Academy Checkbook Scaling to 6 Million Users a Month on GAE (High Scalability)
Famo.us, The Framework For Fast And Beautiful HTML5 Apps, Will Be Free Thanks To “Huge Hardware Vendor Interest” (TechCrunch)
Why We Need Lambda Expressions in Java – Part 2 (Javalobby – The heart of the Java developer community)

I hope you enjoy today’s items, and please participate in the discussions on those sites.

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