Technological development widens the capabilities of project management tools, enabling them to cover the areas they had long been unable to cover. Natural Language Processing (NLP) has made it possible to conduct a deep analysis of human communication in project development teams to understand bottlenecks and advantages in order to find optimal solutions. In this article, I will explain how to utilize technical textual data like commit messages and documentation to transform traditional team management and achieve better results.

Project Management

The core goal of project management is to arrange processes and manage human teams to ensure successful project delivery. Dealing with teams is one of the toughest parts of this complex process, which includes recruiting people with relevant skills, training and motivating them, as well as evaluating their performance. Until recently, traditional project management lacked viable tools for analyzing subtle yet crucial aspects that affect both personal and team performance—context, emotions, and sentiments. These components help understand how team members feel about the project and properly address their concerns to improve morale and efficiency.

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