As much as the JPA Criteria builder is expressive, JPA queries are often equally verbose, and the API itself can be unintuitive to use, especially for newcomers. In the Quarkus ecosystem, Panache is a partial remedy for these problems when using Hibernate. Still, I find myself juggling the Panache’s helper methods, preconfigured enums, and raw strings when composing anything but the simplest of queries. You could claim I am just inexperienced and impatient or, instead, acknowledge that the perfect API is frictionless to use for everyone. Thus, the user experience of writing JPA queries can be further improved in that direction. 


One of the remaining shortcomings is that raw strings are inherently not type-safe, meaning my IDE rejects me the helping hand of code completion and wishes me good luck at best. On the upside, Quarkus facilitates application relaunches in a split second to issue quick verdicts on my code. And nothing beats the heart-felt joy and genuine surprise when I have composed a working query on the fifth, rather than the tenth, attempt… 

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