I’m a senior solution architect and polyglot programmer interested in the evolution of programming languages and their impact on application development. Around three years ago, I encountered WebAssembly (Wasm) through the .NET Blazor project. This technology caught my attention because it can execute applications at near-native speed across different programming languages. This was especially exciting to me as a polyglot programmer since my programming expertise ranges across multiple programming languages including .NET, PHP, Node.js, Rust, and Go.

Most of the work I do is building cloud-native enterprise applications, so I have been particularly interested in advancements that broaden Wasm’s applicability in cloud-native development. WebAssembly 2.0 was a significant leap forward, improving performance and flexibility while streamlining integration with web and cloud infrastructures to make Wasm an even more powerful tool for developers to build versatile and dynamic cloud-native applications. I aim to share the knowledge and understanding I’ve gained, providing an overview of Wasm’s capabilities and its potential impact on the cloud-native development landscape.

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