After learning the high cost of hiring skilled professionals from the market, businesses have realized the importance of increasing productivity through existing employees, which can lead to upsurged revenue generation down the line. But the question comes, is that a viable option to implement? Well, if you listen to some industry experts out there, they will suggest choosing automation instead of pressuring your loyal workers to boost organizational productivity. Yes, CRM and ERP are two such applications that can help automate key workflows in your entity. But the query surfaces: what are they, and what is the difference between ERP and CRM? You will deeply learn about both these things in this prose today. So, let’s go further with:

What Is CRM?

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management, which is an enterprise-oriented software, coming in handy in automating how a consumer interacts with your business. It is just a part of a massive set of customer experience applications that may feature solutions for:

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