What Is the Enterprise GEN-AI Platform?

The release of ChatGPT by OpenAI has shown many businesses the immense potential of large language models and the power of GENERATIVE AI. As a result, companies of all sizes across industries like retail, travel, healthcare, and finance are rushing toward adopting GENERATIVE AI to boost productivity and foster innovation for better outcomes and values to the customers. 

Organizations have multiple options for leveraging these powerful AI capabilities in their eco-system by designing and building a robust, scalable Gen AI platform. They can either set up a private infrastructure to run open-source models by fine-tuning with domain-specific data from their own business. Or they can utilize vendor APIs to access proprietary closed models hosted externally. The possibilities are endless for harnessing generative AI to solve real business challenges and move beyond prototypes into full-scale implementations that generate tangible gains. Companies are racing to capitalize on this technology and translate the initial excitement into concrete benefits.

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