In the case of microservices, we faced a unique challenge: when a container was deployed, there was no way for us to verify if the latest container build with the expected code had been deployed. It’s easy to verify in cases where a new feature is being deployed and is testable in production. However, with fintech applications, we can’t necessarily validate all-new production APIs. There are also instances where a bug fix is applied to an existing API, and you can’t execute that API use case in production. There were times when the DevOps team informed us that the container had been lifted and deployed from a lower UAT environment, but we didn’t see the bug fixes in action when real production traffic began. To circumvent this, we wanted to ensure that there was a way to validate the latest code when the container was pushed.

In our case, we were dealing with spring-based microservices. That’s when the Spring Boot Maven plugin came to the rescue. It’s necessary to add the build-info Maven plugin within the project’s pom.xml file.

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