In the digital landscape of today, applications heavily rely on external HTTP/REST APIs for a wide range of functionalities. These APIs often orchestrate a complex web of internal and external API calls. This creates a network of dependencies. Therefore, when a dependent API fails or undergoes downtime, the primary application-facing API needs adeptly handle these disruptions gracefully. In light of this, this article explores the implementation of retry mechanisms and fallback methods in Spring microservices. Specifically, it highlights how these strategies can significantly bolster API integration reliability and notably improve user experience.

Understanding Dependent API Failures

Mobile and web applications consuming APIs dependent on other services for successful execution face unique challenges. For instance, calls to dependent APIs can fail for a variety of reasons, including network issues, timeouts, internal server errors, or scheduled downtimes. As a result, such failures can compromise user experience, disrupt crucial functionalities, and lead to data inconsistencies. Thus, implementing strategies to gracefully handle these failures is vital for maintaining system integrity.

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