In today’s dynamic digital landscape, secure and efficient access management is paramount for organizations navigating the complexities of remote work and diverse application landscapes and going through the digital transformation. Previously, the security plan for safeguarding on-prem/internal resources from attackers and enabling remote user access was centralized in the DMZ or VPN or having reverse proxy gateways. However, the VPN and reverse proxy solutions in the DMZ are not well-suited for the cloud environment due to their hardware costs, maintaining security (patching, monitoring ports, firewalls, etc.), authenticating users at the edge, and web servers and user tracking etc. Azure Entra ID Application Proxy emerges as a powerful solution, seamlessly integrating with your on-premises workload to redefine how enterprises manage and secure their applications.

Introduction To Azure Entra ID Application Proxy

Azure Entra ID Application Proxy serves as a bridge between on-premises applications and the cloud, enabling organizations to extend secure access to their applications to users outside the corporate network. This innovative solution simplifies connectivity, enhances security, and facilitates a seamless user experience.

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