In the dynamic application development landscape, the API-first strategy has emerged as a cornerstone for fostering agility and scalability. By prioritizing API design and development from the get-go, this strategy facilitates seamless integration across various systems and applications. However, despite its merits, the road to achieving a robust API-first approach isn’t without its hurdles. Specifically, developers often encounter challenges in backend management, particularly when building RESTful APIs—a go-to choice for microservices communication. What’s needed is a low-code development data service for building backend apps.

Enter TiDB Cloud Data Service (TCDS), an innovative new feature of TiDB Cloud designed to redefine how developers harness backend capabilities. Built upon TiDB Cloud, the fully managed database service of TiDB, TCDS offers a fully-managed backend-as-a-service solution that bridges the gap between databases and comprehensive backend management.

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