What Is Eclipse Store?

First, I would like to briefly explain what Eclipse Store actually is. Simply put, this is a mechanism for storing Java object trees. This initially sounds very theoretical, but it is much simpler than you might think.

When I started developing Java applications in 1996, I dreamed of being able to easily store the objects I created in my application. I found the assumption that serialization could be used to write everything to the hard drive as a byte stream very good. Unfortunately, the reality looked different or still looks different today. You were quickly confronted with various technologies, all with their own characteristics. I still remember very clearly the first steps in which the application’s data had to be persisted via a JDBC interface. Who doesn’t know the JDBC-ODBC interface from back then? A typical application now had JDBC connections, mapping layers that implement everything in SQL, and, of course, caches in various places so that the application’s responsiveness remained tolerable for the user. It’s not easy when dealing with a more complex data model.

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