I was thrilled to participate in DevOpsDays Chicago 2022 as my first in-person event as a Developer Advocate at GitGuardian. I am very excited to tell you all about this awesome event that happened from September 21 to 22 at the University of Illinois, Chicago’s The Isadore & Sadie Dorin Forum. Over 350 attendees, vendors, and volunteers gathered to take stock of the state of DevOps and share our knowledge and love of building in the cloud. 

Celebrating 8 Years of DevOpsDays Chicago 

Chicago is a city in the middle of everything, and not just geographically. It is also the home of many corporations and a vibrant technology community. DevOpsDays Chicago brought together developers, operations teams, SREs, and InfoSec leads to share their knowledge and experiences with the goal of helping us all adopt better DevOps best practices and be more secure.  

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