In DevOps, any problem that occurs in the CI/CD process is taken care of and fixed as soon as possible. The required information is gathered from the feedback loop of the CI/CD pipeline. These are fed into the rectification process. The postmortem analysis of a problem plays a crucial role in planning the fixation. A postmortem culture gathers the development team together to figure out the cause and focus on a probable solution of the situation. The written layout of the postmortem analysis describes the impact of the incident, steps taken to resolve it, root cause of the problem, actions followed up to prevent such incident in future etc. A complete analysis can not only improve overall quality of the production but also relieves stress and risk factor of the development process.

Why Do I Need Postmortem Discipline?

Typically, any changes in the system may cause instability with repercussion. DevOps CI/CD pipeline promotes frequent release in smaller increments. This, on one hand reduces the risk of failures in a specific release but on the other hand, increases the number of incidents that on-call teams need to respond to.

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