In the first two parts of our series “Demystifying Event Storming,” we embarked on a journey through the world of Event Storming, an innovative approach to understanding complex business domains and software systems. We started by exploring the fundamentals of Event Storming, understanding its collaborative nature and how it differs from traditional approaches. In Part 2, we delved deeper into process modeling, looking at how Event Storming helps in mapping out complex business processes and interactions.

Now, in Part 3, we will focus on the design-level aspect of Event Storming. This stage is crucial for delving into the technical aspects of system architecture and design. Here, we’ll explore how to identify aggregates – a key component in domain-driven design – and how they contribute to creating robust and scalable systems. This part aims to provide practical insights into refining system design and ensuring that it aligns seamlessly with business needs and objectives.

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