This article is a part of a series that looks at serverless from diverse points of view and provides pragmatic guides that help in adopting serverless architecture, tackling practical challenges in serverless, and discussing how serverless enables reactive event-driven architectures. The articles stay clear of a Cloud provider serverless services, only referring to those in examples (AWS being a common reference). The articles in this series are published periodically and can be searched with the tag “openupserverless”.


The Serverless compute model has reached the “Early Adopter” stage in the Hype Curve and moving very fast towards attending the “Early Majority” stage. While the evolution of Serverless has been rapid and phenomenal, enterprises are lacking in strategy in adopting Serverless and leveraging its advancement in technology and architecture for an efficient IT ecosystem. This article attempts to provide simplified decision guidance for Serverless Architecture Adoption while not prescribing specific detailed guidance on the decision matrix of specific FaaS, BaaS, and other serverless services provided by Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) e.g., Serverless Databases, API Gateways or Edge services.

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