DevOps proposes Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) solutions for software project management. In CI/CD, the process of software development and operations falls into a cyclical feedback loop, which promotes not only innovation and improvements but also makes the product quickly adapt to the changing needs of the market. So, it becomes easy to cater to the needs of the customer and garner their satisfaction. The development team that adopts the culture becomes agile, flexible, and adaptive (called the Agile development team) in building an incremental quality product that focuses on continuous improvement and innovation.

One of the key areas of CI/CD is to address changes. The evolution of software also has its effect on the database as well. Database change management primarily focuses on this aspect and can be a real hurdle in collaboration with DevOps practices which is advocating automation for CI/CD pipelines. Automating database change management enables the development team to stay agile by keeping database schema up to date as part of the delivery and deployment process. It helps to keep track of changes critical for debugging production problems.

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