Cilium is an eBPF-based project that was originally created by Isovalent, open-sourced in 2015, and has become the center of gravity for cloud-native networking and security. With 700 active contributors and more than 18,000 GitHub stars, Cilium is the second most active project in the CNCF (behind only Kubernetes), where in Q4 2023 it became the first project to graduate in the cloud-native networking category. A week ahead of the KubeCon EU event where Cilium and the recent 1.15 release are expected to be among the most popular topics with attendees, I caught up with Nico Vibert, Senior Staff Technical Engineer at Isovalent, to learn more about why this is just the beginning for the Cilium project.

Q:  Cilium recently became the first CNCF graduating “cloud native networking” project — why do you think Cilium was the right project at the right time in terms of the next-generation networking requirements of cloud-native?

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