For a couple of years, my journey has revolved around constructing control planes for data infrastructure startups. As an engineer, I have been fortunate to gain invaluable insights into the challenges and intricacies of developing successful SAAS products. Drawing from my firsthand experiences, this series of blog posts delve into the lessons learned and shares my goals at DataInfra, where I am building a centralized control plane for SAAS infrastructure. Join me as we explore the critical aspects and key considerations of constructing effective control planes in the dynamic and competitive SAAS industry.


Before we delve into the content, let’s address the ambiguity surrounding the term “Control Plane for SAAS Infrastructure.” In the context of SAAS infrastructure, the control plane refers to the centralized system that governs and orchestrates the deployment, configuration, and operation of applications and services on data planes. Data Planes can exist within the SAAS provider’s network or at the customer premise. By SAAS Infra, I specifically mean the service provisioning layer in a SAAS product.

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