In this detailed and personal account, the author shared his journey of building and evolving data pipelines in the rapidly transforming streaming media industry. Drawing from his extensive experience, the author highlights the fundamental role data engineering plays in the industry, explaining the construction and challenges of typical data pipelines and discussing the specific projects that marked significant transformations. The article delves into technical aspects such as real-time data processing, ETL processes, and cloud technologies and provides insights into the future of data engineering within the industry. The piece serves as an invaluable resource for data professionals seeking to understand the dynamic interplay of data engineering and streaming media, emphasizing the need for adaptability, continuous learning, and effective collaboration.

In the last two decades, data engineering has dramatically transformed industries. With multiple years of experience as an industry leader, I’ve had the privilege of witnessing this change and, indeed, driving it. Nowhere has this transformation been more apparent than in the streaming media industry.

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