NET Core and ASP.NET Core are popular frameworks for creating powerful RESTful APIs. In this tutorial, we will use it to develop a simple Minimal API that simulates a credit score rating. Minimal APIs provide a streamlined approach to creating high-performing HTTP APIs using ASP.NET Core. They allow you to construct complete REST endpoints with minimal setup and code easily. Instead of relying on conventional scaffolding and controllers, you can fluently define API routes and actions to simplify the development process.

We will create an endpoint allowing a user to retrieve a credit score rating by sending a request to the API. We can also save and retrieve credit scores using POST and GET methods. However, it is essential to note that we will not be linking up to any existing backend systems to pull a credit score; instead, we will use a random number generator to generate the score and return it to the user. Although this API is relatively simple, it will demonstrate the basics of REST API development using .NET Core and ASP.NET. This tutorial will provide a hands-on introduction to building RESTful APIs with .NET Core 7 and the Minimal API approach.

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