Azure DevOps is a Microsoft-provided “one-stop shop” for software development. It allows for developers, functional users, and any other stakeholders to collaborate efficiently and effectively so that any and all requirements for a software project can be satisfied. One of Azure DevOps’ most popular components is its version control functionality, which allows developers to work on large-scale software projects without conflicting with one another. This functionality also works seamlessly with the Git version control solution. Azure DevOps, in spite of being part of the Microsoft ecosystem, supports any language or coding environment.

But another feature that Azure DevOps provides is Pipelines. Azure Pipelines has proven to be an invaluable software testing tool, and while manually running an individual pipeline after a pull request or a commit helps to move testing along, you might find it more useful to automatically run a pipeline, based on the events you choose. Azure DevOps allows you to create and deploy pipeline triggers to achieve this end.

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