Building Continuous Delivery into an organisation requires radical change

While Continuous Delivery has a well-defined value proposition and a seminal bookon how to implement a deployment pipeline, there is a dearth of information on how to transform an organisation for Continuous Delivery. Despite its culture-focussed principles and an adoption process described by Jez Humble as ”organisational-architecture-process not tools-code-infrastructure“, many Continuous Delivery initiatives fail to emphasise an organisational model in which software is always releasable. This contravenes Lean Thinking and the Deming 95/5 Rule – that 95% of problems are attributable to system faults, while only 5% are due to special causes of variation. Building an automated deployment pipeline can eliminate the 5% of special causes of variation in our value stream (e.g. release failures), but it cannot address the remaining 95% of problems caused by our organisation structure (e.g. wait times between silos). From this we can infer that:

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